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Farewell Year 11

This week a beekeeper came to school to rescue a swarm of bees that had left the hive and attached themselves to the gate wall, at the entrance to the school. The beekeeper carefully removed them from the wall and took them to a new home, where they will safely go about the business of…
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Opportunity Lies Ahead of Us

The waters have started to calm since we arrived back from our Easter break. The storms of lockdown and disease that buffeted our school during the last year or so are subsiding to the familiar squalls of teenage tribulations and tantrums. There is no doubt that the damage caused by such a turbulent period has…
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A Brighter Future

This week has felt truly optimistic. Spring sunshine has once again bathed the school yard and whilst not exactly cracking the flags (a uniquely Lancashire term), it is lighting the way towards a brighter future for us all. A good school is entirely predictable; young people know that the relationships they have with each other…
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Mass Testing Tour de Force

It used to be that testing in schools involved pen and paper, it now involves swabs and PPE. It was this time last year when we began planning for what became a frighteningly swift closure to schools across the country. I didn’t really know when we closed what the future would look like, I remember…
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“Now is the winter of our discontent”

The famous first line of Shakespeare’s Richard III is, “Now is the winter of our discontent”. It seems particularly pertinent to our lives in bleak midwinter lockdown. It is only too easy to feel that we are living in some eternal limbo, caught between a modern dystopia and a brighter, vaccine fueled future. It is…
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