How to Apply for a School Place

Moor Park High School and Sixth Form welcomes applications from parents/carers who support our ethos.

In Year Admission

If you are new to the area or want to request a transfer to Moor Park High School and Sixth Form you should ring the school direct (01772 795428) and ask to speak to the Admissions Officer.  If you prefer, you can call at school to briefly discuss your request with the Admissions Officer.  The school office is open during term-time only, 8am to 4.15pm.

The Admissions Officer will inform you if there is a place available in the relevant year group or whether the year group is full.

If there is a place available in the relevant year group you will be invited to a meeting with the Deputy Headteacher or Head of Year before the transfer process. Please note that we will contact your child’s current/last school for information prior to the meeting. After the meeting, arrangements will be made for your child to attend school for a basic assessment so that we can ensure they are placed in the correct set/class.

If the year group is full and you wish to appeal for a place for your child you should complete the Appeal Form and forward it to school with any supporting information or evidence.  Details on the appeals process is available via Pupil Access.

Please note that if your child is unhappy in their current school for whatever reason, for example alleged bullying or not getting on with a teacher, you should first contact the Headteacher of the school where your child attends and discuss the problems before changing schools. School transfer is very disruptive for any child and it is not encouraged if the problem can be resolved by the current school.

Year 7 Admission September 2022

Our admission policy for September 2022 admissions is below.

Applications for September 2022 closed on 31 October 2021.  If you wish to request a place you will need to contact Pupil Access

As per the admission code, the school does not operate a waiting list.  However, the Area Education Office maintains waiting list for the Autumn Term only (September to December).

Year 7 Admission September 2023

Our proposed admission policy for September 2023 admissions is below.