Year 7, 8 and 9

Throughout KS3, students at Moor Park High School and Sixth Form will gain knowledge and understanding of the past.  Topics not only consider Britain’s past but that of the wider world examples being the origins and consequences of the English Civil War, the conquest of the Aztecs and the world at war during the twentieth century.  Students will be given the opportunity to ask searching questions, think critically, analyse contradictory evidence and develop their own judgements.  In addition to using textbooks, students at Moor Park have access to a wide range of exciting and stimulation resources and are taught by teachers who have both passion and enthusiasm for their subject.

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Year 10 and 11

Throughout KS4, students gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of the past and develop the skills needed to investigate it.  Students follow the EDEXCEL course.  The course investigates a range of different historical periods such as Medicine in Britain, Early Elizabethan England, The Cold War and Weimar and Nazi Germany. 

Some of the topics from KS3 reappear at KS4 but they study them in much more depth. An example would be surgery during WWI, an area they students have some knowledge of from their Year 9 course. Good written communication is at the core of the GCSE History course and candidates will develop their ability to produce both well written and well structured essays.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Half Term

    October 25 - October 29
  2. Year 11 Mock Exams 

    November 1 - November 12
  3. Yr12/13 Formal Exams 1

    November 1 - November 12
  4. Y12/13 Mock Interviews

    November 10
  5. GOVS Data and Improvement Meeting

    November 10 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm