Word of the Week

Every week students will have a new word to focus on, we have started with the thirty words students find most difficult to spell.  Form tutors will discuss the meaning of the word with students and discuss the context in which it could be used as well as making spelling a key area of focus.  During Friday’s registration period tutors will ‘test’ students on their ability to spell the word.  Students should also be able to use the key word correctly and appropriately in a sentence.

Teaching staff will also introduce the ‘word of the week’ into their teaching for every KS3 group they see.  Staff may wish to discuss it in the context of the topics they are currently teaching and/or use it as part of a written exercise.  The idea is that KS3 pupils will be exposed to each word across the curriculum helping to build up or consolidate their knowledge and range of vocabulary.

If parents/carers can also be aware of the word of the week and use it at home with their children it will also help the consolidation process.

This week our word of the week is…..


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