The first week back after Easter is one of the most interesting weeks of the year. Our year 11s and 6th formers arrive back from the holiday with a renewed sense of seriousness, ready for the final weeks before their big public exams. Year 10s eye up the spaces where the year 11s sit, waiting to take their turn as the kings and queens of the school yard. Year 9s have made their GCSE options and begin to buckle down. Year 8s career headlong into puberty and have growth spurts that see parents running to the shop to buy them their 3rd pair of school shoes since Christmas. Year 7s are the most interesting of all; friendships have been formed and they have found their tribes, creating friendships and alliances that will stay with them for the rest of their school lives.

Teachers return back to school refreshed and renewed, with the glimmer of the summer holidays almost tangible and the anxiety of preparing students for examinations almost at an end. The summer term is the best term of the year, it is important that we enjoy it and take the time to watch our young people grow, develop and make us proud.