Well, here we are again. For the third time in little more than four years a General Election looms. Politics is ever more bamboozling and to quote the words of one of the UK’s most venerable bards, Danny Dyer, it all seems a ‘mad riddle’.

Where politics once appeared to be predictable, it appears to be now locked in a perpetual existential crisis, as if we have all followed Alice through her looking glass and the world is being run by the Mad Hatter. Over the coming weeks we are going to attempt to explain to our young people what the various manifestos of our UK political parties are. Perhaps the best hope that we have of avoiding future disfunction is some understanding that not all politics is Brexit, and that in fact the outcome of this election will have demonstrable impact on the lives of young people and their families.

Adults often express the opinion that politics doesn’t matter as ‘they (politicians) are going to do whatever they want anyway’; politics does matter to our young people as it will create the landscape of the world that they will inherit. We will try to at least explain the ‘mad riddle’ that we find ourselves in, whether they will believe us is another thing!