Vladamir Lenin, the leader of the Russian revolution wrote that; “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”. The last few weeks have definitely proved Lenin correct. The speed at which the extraordinary response to the Covid 19 Pandemic has rolled out across the country, has been extraordinary and we at Moor Park have had to respond swiftly to changing events. Last week we made a detailed plan for how we can continue to educate and care, even after the country has been put in lockdown, the plan had three aims:

  1. To ensure that we could continue educating children online, ensuring that they are set appropriate work by their teachers on a daily basis.
  2. To continue to safeguard and provide for our most vulnerable children and their families during this period of school closure.
  3. To provide education on site for the children of our key workers and our most vulnerable students.

We knew that we had to respond quickly and decisively and all of our teams were mobilised throughout the school. Our school is a family and like all truly great families, when faced with a crisis it pulled together. By the end of last week we had met our three aims and the job now was to ensure that students had the resources required to work at home, that we could monitor their progress and that we could offer services like Free School Meals to those families that need it. Our school office became a one stop shop for school books, IT equipment and food packages. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday dropping off packages to families who were self-isolating, ensuring that we gave them all that we could. As I drove around Preston I was struck by the way that families had adapted quickly to the government’s request. Families were staying indoors and the streets were mainly deserted. This will be our national duty and we will do it because we are British and because the mark of a truly civilised country is how it looks after, and sacrifices itself for, its most vulnerable people. In times of crisis it is also what marks out truly great schools!

Please look after each other, create routines, enjoy each other’s company and be kind and compassionate. As adults we must take the responsibility to create a sense of normality and routine; eat together, play together and place your child’s education at the centre of these routines. When the country reopens and the children come back to school, it will be what they have learned during lockdown that will stay with them; it is vitally important that we don’t let them down.

Whilst we all lock down with our families, you will continue to be part of the Moor Park family and we will always be there to respond to your needs. As the weeks roll on it is important that you stay in contact. Please follow us online through social media and through our website. We are here for you all and you are not alone. Keep safe and enjoy this time with your families. If you are a key worker, thank you for your service, we will not let you down.