As the rain sweeps over the yard and the October wind whistles its autumnal tune, I am reminded that the dark spectre of winter is once again upon us. Winter is the season that affects the mood of staff more than it does young people. We arrive at school in part daylight and leave in the dark and although nature has now reduced its day, our work day does not change.

As I have got older I have become more aware of seasonal depression, certainly I have noticed my own change in mood and the mood of the staff around me. I have learned to overcome this by ensuring that I get out into the daylight, even if it only be to get wet in the school yard or stand on the corner of St Thomas’s Road. It is important that you sustain yourselves; go walking, swimming, skydiving or whatever it is that allows you to exercise and bask in the pale grey light of a Preston day. If your mood dips, understand that its only natural, that time is a human construct and that it is likely the shortening of the day and the foul weather that is affecting your mood. Also remember, once in a while, to jump off the routine hamster wheel and have fun.