Throughout this pandemic the term ‘new normal’ has been repeatedly used. This is a term that, as a pedantic English teacher, I hate. Something cannot be both new and normal at the same time, like ‘hot ice cream’ or ‘dry rain’ it makes no sense to me. I can say however, that after 6 months of feeling unsettled by the newness of running a school during a pandemic, normality is beginning to remerge.

We have got used to sanitising, socially distanced queueing (how very British) and moving around the school to the instruction of a tannoy. We have even got used to moving from in school, to virtual learning, doing a sort of learning Hokey Cokey (without the shaking it all about of course). The school is visibly more relaxed, and smiles are once again emerging from behind masked faces. It is the smiles which are normal, and I hope that from now on they stay on our faces. I hope that after next week all of our school community return to and stay in school, so the old normal can begin again.