On the 20th March 2020, the U.K had gone into lockdown and every school had closed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that had already killed thousands of people around the world. That meant that it was the last time Sapphire would get to see her friends for a very long time…

23rd March 2020

“Hey Saph, wanna see my how many kick ups I can do in 1 minute?”

“Jayden, bro you already know that I really do not care, besides don’t you have your year 5 quarantine work to do?”, Sapphire rolled her eyes as she turned back to her phone. “ugh I’m soo bored muuum there’s literally nothing to do”, she whined.

“Why don’t you find new hobbies, honey?”

“Like what?”

“Well you could try sports, or baking… ooh how about you try knitting?”

“Mum this is the 21st century, knitting is definitely off the list”, she said almost falling off the sofa laughing. Just then, Sapphire had the best idea she had all week. “OMG I know, I could try vlogging!”, she shrieked as she ran upstairs. “Ruby! Rubes! Ruby!”

“What, man”

“I just had the best idea ever!” she said whilst trying to catch her breath,“ okay so I was thinking, I could start vlogging, every single day that we’re in quarantine and lockdown and you could help me and-“

“Woah, woah, woah slow down lil’ sis, who said I was going to help you?”

“First of all I’m in year nine and TWO years younger than you, so I’m not exactly little and second of all pleaseee, I’m begging you to help me make this situation a little less boring than it already is”, Sapphire pleaded trying her best to look sincere.

“Sapph, your puppy eyes don’t work on me haha”

“Come on, please?”


“Fine I’ll just keep asking and pestering you until you say yes”






“Pretty please with a cherry on top?”


“Pretty please with bubble gum ice cream and sprinkles in top?”

“Ugh, fine, but only because you promised me ice cream”

“Yay, thank you so much!”

After running all over the house, looking for her vlogging equipment, Sapphire finally sat down to make her first ever vlog. “Ready?”, Ruby asked.


“Okay, three, two, one… Go”

“Hi guys my name is Sapphire Reuben, and since we are all stuck at home practicing social distancing, I want to start daily vlogs to try and keep you guys- and myself entertained during these tough times. Today, helping me out, is my big and favourite sister in the whole wide world, Ruby and right now we are extremely bored so I’m going to bake a cake while she watches- occasionally eating it haha, and later we will be doing the try not to laugh challenge with water! but we will have to go to the back garden so we don’t get everything wet”

“Okay, as you can see baking is not my best skill but I do enjoy eating the mess I create as does Ruby and Jayden my younger brother but he isn’t allowed to eat a lot because he has type one diabetes, which means his body doesn’t produce enough of a hormone called insulin causing him to have high blood glucose levels, it also means if he eats too many sweet foods his blood sugar levels will go super high, putting his life at risk, but hey he’s fine” Sapphire laughed awkwardly.

Soon later the girls completed the try not to laugh challenge and were now drenched in water, clearly they failed. “That last video was the funniest thing I have ever watched “, Sapphire said trying her best to not burst out laughing again. “Okay guys, we now need to change into some dry clothes so thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another vlog bye!”

“Wow that was actually really fun”, Ruby exclaimed.

“I- “

“No, don’t say it “


“Sapph, come on”

“You so!”

“Sapphire!”, Ruby groaned.

“Sorry sis, you made me do it”

The next morning, Sapphire and Ruby woke up to a huge shock, it was as if they were still dreaming. “Ruby!”, screamed Sapphire.

“what”, ruby moaned still half asleep.

“That vlog we made hit 1 millions views and 100k likes!”

“No way!”, Ruby’s jaw dropped in disbelief.


“Oh my gosh, that’s sick!”, she cheered, high fiving Sapphire.

Breakfast was so much more enjoyable when everyone found out the great news, especially Jayden because he was going to brag his friends online that his sisters were now practically famous.

A few weeks had passed of Sapphire and Ruby making vlogs and they were still having lots of fun making them, and they loved interacting with viewers. “Hey guys, its Sapphire and-“


“So today we have a bit of a checklist, and we’re just going to go through them”

“Okay the first thing we need to do is finish off our school work, do some painting-“

“I hate painting”

“Yeah, Ruby hates painting which is why we are going to do that today”, Sapphire chuckled.

“Ooh we are also going to be baking some cookies”

“That is literally the only fun thing we are doing today”, Ruby groaned, adding a slight chuckle at the end to show that she wasn’t actually angry.

Minutes turned into hours which turned into days which turned into vlogs for the two sisters, and they started on considering on carrying their passion for vlogging after corona virus had ended.

It was a foggy, wet, morning, birds weren’t tweeting in the trees and the only thing that could be heard outside was the light dancing of the rain drops. Ruby had been asked to take the bins out for the binmen to collect and as she was about to turn and walk back to her house a tall man with a bushy beard and ripped joggers, strangely close to her, coughed with such force that the horrific sound made her jump, and then the man carried on walking by. This alarmed Ruby slightly, but she didn’t think much of it afterwards.

Back in the house, Sapphire and Jayden were finishing off their breakfasts eagerly wanting to get on with their day.” Hey Rubes, are you okay?”, Sapphire asked as she saw Ruby’s confused face.

“Yeah, why?”

“You look a little flustered and confused that’s all”

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry about it”

Ruby started feeling a little sick, and after the incident that morning she started to worry, trying her best to reassure herself that it was nothing.

“Hey, are you ready to film?”, Sapphire asked waiting for a reply. “Uhh helloooo, earth to Ruby”, she said waving her hand infront of Ruby’s face, in hope of getting her attention.

“Sorry what”

“Are you feeling okay you seem distracted?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, honest”

The next day Ruby woke up with a horrible fever and a terrible cough, and was now really concerned. Her mother didn’t want to take any risks so she made her self- isolate in her room so Jayden or Sapphire wouldn’t catch it , whether it was the corona virus or not. Mum’s so worried for you rubes- Sapphire text Ruby.

Why didn’t you tell me you felt sick yesterday – please tell me what happened.

Im sorry I didn’t tell you but when I was taking out the bins yesterday a creepy old man coughed on me I think he gave it to me. 🙁

No that can’t be possible it takes at least two weeks for u 2 start noticing the symptoms, did u go anywhere or hang out with anyone in the last 2 -3 weeks?

Yeah on the last day of school I hung out with Amy and she said she had a sore throat, that’s all.

You mustve caught it from her then 🙁 don’t worry tho mums got 111 on the phone they will be to determine whether or not you have it.

Ok thank you.

No problem text me if u need anything 🙂

Ok but make sure jayden stays in his room I don’t want him to catch it since he is at higher risk.


Later in the day a nurse had come to test Ruby and unfortunately the test came back positive, meaning she did have the virus. Ever since then the atmosphere in the house was down no one could talk properly to each other and most of the time everyone was in their own rooms attempting to keep themselves busy. Sapphire decided to keep making vlogs as she didn’t want to worry her viewers. But ever since Ruby was tested positive, Sapphire didn’t see the point in being happy anymore as it felt like she lost her best friend, all she had to do now was have hope that she would overcome the virus. Even though Sapphire was upset she still taped a smile on for her vlogs.” Hey guys its Sapphire and welcome back to another day of vlogging, unfortunately Ruby cannot join us today as she isn’t feeling very well but hopefully she can join us again soon!” “Today im going to be doing a few things so lets have a look at the checklist- so we have finishing off school assignments, doing some exercises, and making a get well soon card for Ruby”

Many days had passed and Ruby was just getting worse, to the point where her mum started crying thinking that she woudn’t be able to make it. She was bedridden for the fisrt week and whenever her mum had to give her food she would have to wear a hazmat suit making it difficult for both of them to bear.

Sapphire couldn’t look at her sister like this- slowly she was becoming depressed but carried on making vlogs acting like everything was fine and normal , when people asked why Ruby stopped joining her vlogs she would simply reply that she was busy, with work or helping her mother- every lie she told her viewers made it more and more insufferable for Sapphire. Nurses in hazmat suits would come and check up on Ruby every once in a while and every time they came she still tested positive. Sapphires viewers noticed how she changed a little in the way she vlogged after Ruby stopped vlogging with her, occasionaly they would ask if she was okay and how her family was doing to which Sapphire replied “Oh everyone is fine here, we are all happy”, and when she refused to show Ruby on camera her viewers got suspicious and some even asked if she had the virus.

Every sunny day felt like a storm to Sapphire, doing normal things felt difficult to do knowing that her sister may not make it. One day, Sapphire couldn’t tolerate it anymore and burst, she let everything out on her vlog explaining every little detail about how things have been apologising for lying to her viewers. “ hey guys its Sapph , todays vlog isn’t going to be a nice one and im sorry if its not what you came here for..”

Sapphire was extremely shocked to everyone’s reaction, and how they supported her for not feeling comfortable sharing personal issues with the internet. Many of her viewers tried consoling her, telling her it was going to be okay. Sapphire felt heart warmed by the reaction, cheering up her mood a little. She felt as if a weight had been lifted from her chest and as the weeks went by she saw not only her mood but Ruby’s and the rest of the family’s mood becoming better.

It was the last visit of the nurse to determine whether or not Ruby would make it, and the whole house was shaking with worry. “I’m so sorry Ruby it’s still saying positive”, the nurse said with sympathy.

“but im feeling a lot better nurse”, argued Ruby, “please.. please could you check again?”

“That’s not a problem” “It says…” everyone eagerly listened waiting for the word they had been waiting to hear forever. “….wow that’s weird its never done that before”

“What does it say!”, Sapphire said impatiently.

“Negitive, congra-“

“Wooooooo!”, cheered Sapphire and Jayden loudly.

“Thank you so much nurse”, cried Sapphire’s mother with joy.

“I knew I felt better!”, Ruby shouted.

Everyone including all Sapphires viewers were so delighted to hear from her recovery that they had a mini virtual party in their back garden since lockdown wasn’t yet over. Even though it had felt like years, it had only been 4 months, full of happiness, sorrow , regret ,and joy.