On Saturday I will be presenting, alongside our head girl and boy to 200 trainee teachers in Manchester. All the trainees will be from Teach First, an organisation that is currently training a number of teachers at our school. We are hoping that our presentation will help them to understand the profound difference that teachers have on the lives of young people. The biggest success story in our school has been the way that we have managed to develop and retain the very best teachers. Our teachers range from having well over 20 years of experience to those who are in the infancy of their careers. What they all have in common is a love of their subjects and a desire to make a positive difference.

On Saturday we will tell the story of our school and help young teachers to see that teaching is a crucial and fulfilling profession. I am proud that our head girl and boy will be speaking at the conference, it shows how far we have come and how increasingly, we are viewed as a model for how schools should be run. I hope that we persuade the next generation of teachers to stay and commit themselves to the next generation of students.