I have found myself uplifted by the first full week back at Moor Park. After a spring and summer dominated by Covid lockdowns, R rates, hand sanitiser and face masks, normal service is slowly resuming. Although Covid still dominates in the minds of many of us and although we are taking quite extraordinary measures to run our school, the feeling around school is calm, ordered and well organised. After a few days we have got used to face coverings on corridors and perpetual hand sanitation. We have got used to moving when the tannoy tell us, in fact movement around the school has been particularly striking; it has felt so calm that you could be mistaken for thinking that we were working in a reference library, not a secondary school.

The most important thing is that our young people are learning again, developing the skills and knowledge that will help them be successful when they enter the post Covid workforce. There is much at stake here; if we are not to irreparably damage our children’s futures then the return to school is essential and, as much as we know that we have to comply to clear safety measures, it is learning that needs to come first. It is reassuring that year 7s still lose their lunch boxes, PE kits and now, face masks. Year 9s still come back from their summer break a foot taller than when they left us and year 11s still swagger with the confidence that only the kings and queens of the school yard possess. While some things have changed, others haven’t, long may this continue.