Monday was school offers day and many parents and year 6 students found out which secondary school had been assigned to them. This is a nerve wracking experience, with young people and their families either delighted or crest fallen. Over the past two years our school has seen a 40% increase in demand for school places, nearly 400 applications were made for 112 places at the school. Within this number is an over 50% increase in parents putting us as their first preference. One sure way of judging the quality of a school is what parents and students think of it. This demand for school places is a reflection of our burgeoning reputation and the trust that our community has in us.

I think one key reason for our success is that our school is an easy place for parents and students to understand. In many ways our offer is really straightforward. Students are asked to follow a set of strict routines, follow a challenging curriculum and be taught by teachers who are consistent and can be relied upon. That we also offer this in a well-resourced environment where every student is known, only increases the sense of safety and security that is so important to young people and their families. I know that this year I will be faced by a long line of parental appeals for school places, meeting disappointed families who were not assigned a place at Moor Park. This is one of the worst parts of my job, as all young people deserve a place in a strong, safe and secure school. We look forward to welcoming our new year 7s to Moor Park in September and reminding them of how lucky they are to be here.