The delight felt by us all at the news of a vaccine was quickly punctured this week by the subsequent announcement that Lancashire would be remaining in Tier 3 and we will not be emerging, phoenix like, from our lockdown cages. It is easy to feel glum. We are beginning to see proper light at the end of the tunnel, but we have some way to go just yet. With every up there will be a down.

Teaching our young people to be resilient in the face of such uncertainty has been part of the job of this first term. The Covid crisis will have taught them that life is up and down and never quite fair, those of them that learn to be resilient in the face of such uncertainty will be those who will be successful in the future. We will all have learned to be Covid resilient and while the vaccine will strengthen our immune systems against this virus, it will be the experience of coping under hardship that will strengthen our character.