I was lucky enough to have been invited, by the Preston Teaching School Alliance on Wednesday, to speak to prospective senior leaders. Our school is now proving of local and national interest as it is bucking some very significant trends. We are a school that retains its best teachers and leaders, despite the national crisis in teacher retention and recruitment. We are a school that teaches young people from truly diverse backgrounds, many of whom face multiple challenges; yet our curriculum is increasingly challenging and our examination standards significantly improving. We are a comprehensive school that places culture, music, science and the arts at the centre of our curriculum offer. If you walked our corridors there is a sense of calm, order and discipline which belies some of the stereotypes that are often attached to our school community.

These are exciting times, our year 11 students who have now had three years of stable teaching, leadership and support are predicted to produce examination results which will place us, for the first time, alongside grammar schools, selective faith schools and the traditional ‘outstanding’ powerhouses in the local area. I rushed back from the conference to take my position once more, in the yard at lunchtime, proud to be Moor Park!