This week has been the ultimate week of senior plate spinning. I considered as I stared from the bus window on the way to the Brilliant Club graduation, that if I explained my job to an alien, they would consider me quite mad; I’ll give it a go and you can see what you think. On Wednesday and Thursday I: completed the school SEF, taught a year 7 with ASD how to eat spaghetti, made a speech to 400 people, collected old school uniform, taught year 9s about the Renaissance, stopped a year 7 with ADHD from turning his graduation certificate into a traffic cone, completed the school improvement plan, checked the boys toilet seats, inputted data, visited a bus depot, made a phone call to the local chemist and drank cups of the strongest black coffee known to mankind.

Working in schools is great, its demanding and rewarding in equal measures; it is however important that we all understand how much plate spinning we do. We are the octopuses of the public sector, using all eight legs to ensure that crockery doesn’t smash. As we move into the final fortnight of the academic year can I thank you all for keeping the plates spinning, our school is so successful because the sound of broken plates is so rarely heard.