I have never felt as nervous as I did on Thursday morning when the school opened its doors once again to all students. After six months it felt like an important moment for us all, the moment when some normality resumed and we got back to routine. I was delighted by the way that students and staff responded, it reminded me once again of the strength of our school community and the bonds of friendship and trust that our school has. Parents also responded and attendance to school was exactly the same as this time last year, this shows the faith you have in us to keep children safe and resume proper schooling. It will be a while until full normal service is resumed but we have made a great start. Thank you to you all.

I found myself uplifted this week by seeing young people on the yard, high quality teaching in classrooms and relationships rebinding. Schools are so essential, they educate and civilise and as we have discovered over the last six months, they are missed when they are gone. As we travel further into uncharted waters I will ask you all to remain patient and sympathetic; opening a school with the current restrictions has been no mean feat and we will need your cooperation and trust even more as the school year moves on. I can promise you that everything we do will have your children’s safety and learning at its heart. We will not always get it right (who does?) but we will always be doing our best. I look forward to the year and seeing young people grow again at Moor Park.