Live Lessons

Our live lesson trial week was a success. Student and teacher feedback was extremely positive. The teachers involved all loved seeing the student’s smiley faces, watching them work hard and listening to their fantastic answers.

We are therefore offering more live lessons until the end of term.  A link for the lesson should appear on teams and also on the message board for that lesson. If assistance is needed, the student should contact the class teacher on the message board.

Please note, there are NO live lessons for the week commencing Monday 6th July. During this week students will attend online meeting through teams with a member of staff. During this meeting they will discuss their work and well-being. Students will also be completing careers work during the week.

Do keep checking the live lesson timetable as more sessions will be added.

The timetable for this week is below, please check to see if your child’s class will be involved. You can also click on the button below to see the protocols we have in place and instructions on how to access the live lessons.

If your child is in any of the live lesson classes please can you ensure they are sat at their computer, tablet or phone and logged on to teams to take part in the lesson. All students have been informed of the live lessons through teams and they will be issued an invite by their class teacher which will appear just before the lesson starts.

Week Beginning Monday 13th July

Teacher Subject Class code Date Time
Miss Mars and Miss Tsavalos


Registration – shared reading (Refugee Boy) 7H Every Monday

& Thursday

Mr Seva Business 12/Bs Monday 13th July 12:00pm
Mr Allinson Maths Year 9 Monday 13th July 2:40pm
Mr Daud Science (Chemistry) 9 Bunsen Tuesday 14th July 2:00pm
Miss Mars English 10/3 Tuesday 14th July 4:00pm
Miss Mars English 8Bronte


Wednesday 15th July 9:20am
Ms Jones


Please watch the pre-recorded lesson available on Tuesday before attending the live lesson on Wednesday.

Science 7 Beaker  


Every Wednesday

7 Litmus 10:50am
7 Bunsen


7 Tripod 12:35pm
Miss Mars English 10/3 Wednesday 15th July 4:00pm
Miss Mars and Miss Tsavalos


Registration – shared reading (Refugee Boy) 7H Every Monday

& Thursday

Mr Daud Science (Chemistry) 9 Beaker Thursday 16th July 10:00am
9 Tripod 10:30am
Mr Woodhead Computing History tour 10 Computing Thursday 16th July


Mr Harding Science 8 Bunsen Thursday 16th July 11:20am
8 Litmus Thursday 16th July 11:45am
8 Beaker Friday 17th July 9:20am
8 Tripod Friday 17th July 9:50am
Miss Mars English 10/3 Every Thursday 11:30am
Miss Romeo DT 7MP/DT1 Friday 17th July 11:20am
Mr Holliday History 9Y/Hi Every Friday 12:10pm
Miss Mars English 10/3 Friday 17th July 4:30pm

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