For the first time in a while we have been given cause for optimism, as well as a welcome return to fully operational central heating at the school, news of a vaccine has been announced. It is clear to everyone that this will not lead to immediate relief of the constrictions that have so dominated our lives over the past 8 months; it does however give us hope that the Spring will bring better news and, as daffodils sprout and the sun once again warms frosted ground, we might look forward to a better year.

Until lockdown measures are lifted however we must continue to remain disciplined, hold our nerve and support each other. We all sorely miss the things that make school life so valuable; extra-curricular activities, face to face contact and smiling faces on corridors. Until we are once again free, we follow the rules, so that we can at least enjoy some Christmas cheer when November turns to December. Thank you all for your ongoing support, keep the faith.