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Proud to be Moor Park

I was lucky enough to have been invited, by the Preston Teaching School Alliance on Wednesday, to speak to prospective senior leaders. Our school is now proving of local and national interest as it is bucking some very significant trends. We are a school that retains its best teachers and leaders, despite the national crisis…
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Glass Half Full

I am by nature a glass half full type. My late father used to say that, ‘all my geese are swans’, which I think was his typically cryptic way of saying that I see the best in everyone. I struggle to take life too seriously and take a rather philosophical view of reports of oncoming…
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The ‘Gift of Nature’

Last week we watched in horror as swathes of South Yorkshire were flooded, in scenes that resembled the aftermath of a tropical monsoon. Over the past 20 years, gross domestic product (GDP) has risen 50 per cent in most parts of the world. Millions have been lifted out of poverty, and we live better and…
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Exponential Growth of Technology

A few weeks ago I held an assembly on the exponential growth of technology. When I entered the profession we weren’t using email, if someone wanted to send you a message they would stand up from their chair, walk down the corridor and speak to you. This made communication relatively expensive; you had to go…
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Through the Looking Glass

Well, here we are again. For the third time in little more than four years a General Election looms. Politics is ever more bamboozling and to quote the words of one of the UK’s most venerable bards, Danny Dyer, it all seems a ‘mad riddle’. Where politics once appeared to be predictable, it appears to…
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The Pale Grey Light of a Preston Day

As the rain sweeps over the yard and the October wind whistles its autumnal tune, I am reminded that the dark spectre of winter is once again upon us. Winter is the season that affects the mood of staff more than it does young people. We arrive at school in part daylight and leave in…
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Upcoming Events

  1. Half Term

    October 25 - October 29
  2. Year 11 Mock Exams 

    November 1 - November 12
  3. Yr12/13 Formal Exams 1

    November 1 - November 12
  4. Y12/13 Mock Interviews

    November 10
  5. GOVS Data and Improvement Meeting

    November 10 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm