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School Culture

The news over the last two weeks has been dominated by floods and the coronavirus, it is as if we are living in a Hollywood disaster movie. The news that I have found most alarming however is the sentencing of Harvey Weinstein for rape and sexual assault and the ongoing revelations about the now deceased…
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Miss Collins our Drama teacher has had the exam board’s topic for this year’s  year 11 practical production. The topic is ‘we live and learn’, it is all about celebrating diversity within the local community. You will struggle to find a more diverse local community than the one we have at Moor Park. Our students…
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Headteachers Don’t Cry You Know!

Over the last week, I have twice found myself overcome, by a lump in my throat and a tear welling in my eye. The first moment came when a long serving member of the Sixth Form team burst in my office to tell me, with tears in her eyes, that one of our students had…
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Destructive Nature of Anger

I arrived back at work this week after a relaxing break to find the world an angry place. Over my morning coffee the news told of growing international conflicts, with all sides throwing angry rhetoric and conjecture at each other. As I opened the school to let the children in I witnessed, in horror, a…
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Full Moon

There are some things that every experienced teacher knows; wind drives the kids wild and the full moon + wind = chaos of biblical proportion. Of course I am being a little histrionic, but there is definitely something that happens when the moon reaches its full cycle. The Latin word for moon is ‘luna’ and…
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Proud to be Moor Park

I was lucky enough to have been invited, by the Preston Teaching School Alliance on Wednesday, to speak to prospective senior leaders. Our school is now proving of local and national interest as it is bucking some very significant trends. We are a school that retains its best teachers and leaders, despite the national crisis…
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Upcoming Events

  1. KS4/5 Lancaster Trip

    September 28
  2. Sixth Form Applications Open

    October 4
  3. Year 7 Parent/Tutor Meetings (in school)

    October 7 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
  4. DofE Silver Practice

    October 15 - October 17
  5. Y8-12 FE/HE Fair

    October 15