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“Now is the winter of our discontent”

The famous first line of Shakespeare’s Richard III is, “Now is the winter of our discontent”. It seems particularly pertinent to our lives in bleak midwinter lockdown. It is only too easy to feel that we are living in some eternal limbo, caught between a modern dystopia and a brighter, vaccine fueled future. It is…
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The delight felt by us all at the news of a vaccine was quickly punctured this week by the subsequent announcement that Lancashire would be remaining in Tier 3 and we will not be emerging, phoenix like, from our lockdown cages. It is easy to feel glum. We are beginning to see proper light at…
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Keep the Faith

For the first time in a while we have been given cause for optimism, as well as a welcome return to fully operational central heating at the school, news of a vaccine has been announced. It is clear to everyone that this will not lead to immediate relief of the constrictions that have so dominated…
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A Remarkable Time in History

On the week where England has entered a second lockdown and an acrimonious American election has occurred, children have returned once more to school at Moor Park. It is clear that we are all living through a remarkable time in history and it certainly feels like each week unveils a new unthinkable reality to us.…
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The Nature and Function of Schooling

There is beginning to be a national debate about the nature and function of schooling. Over the last 20 years schools have been judged by the very narrow parameters of progress measures; this has meant that it has been a difficult period to lead a school, where the nature of a its young people and…
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The ‘New Normal’

Throughout this pandemic the term ‘new normal’ has been repeatedly used. This is a term that, as a pedantic English teacher, I hate. Something cannot be both new and normal at the same time, like ‘hot ice cream’ or ‘dry rain’ it makes no sense to me. I can say however, that after 6 months…
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Upcoming Events

  1. KS4/5 Lancaster Trip

    September 28
  2. Sixth Form Applications Open

    October 4
  3. Year 7 Parent/Tutor Meetings (in school)

    October 7 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
  4. DofE Silver Practice

    October 15 - October 17
  5. Y8-12 FE/HE Fair

    October 15