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Examinations are Upon Us!

For the first time since 2019 our year 11s and 13s are beginning their GCSE and A level examinations. I have been so proud of their efforts and the efforts of our hard working staff. These young people have had their curriculum affected adversely by lockdowns, absence and Covid restrictions and yet their resilience, optimism…
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5 Year Plan

This week the school has finally felt back to its pre pandemic self. Staff have been well and in work, the young people have been smiling and working hard, and relationships have been collegiate and warm. For the first time ever, this summer I will be spending days on end encamped at Lancashire County Hall…
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This week the Corbett household has been turned upside down by a new arrival, a rescue puppy called Ronnie. Apart from the obvious mirth created by a tiny dog called Ronnie Corbett (youngsters, look him up), it has also reminded me of the crushing routine required in socialising a young dog into the human world.…
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The Dreaded Ofsted Call

This has been a truly exhausting week at Moor Park. As the rain bucketed onto the yard on Tuesday morning, I was given the dreaded Ofsted call. This is the moment in a headteacher’s life that we fear the most; it haunts our nightmares, like Jacob Marley with a ball point pen and a clipboard.…
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Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

The first day of term is like putting on a West End show. The young people arrive and everything is smooth, efficient and sometimes entertaining. What they don’t see are the hours of hard work and preparation that have gone in to making the magic happen. This year we have moved mountains to give our…
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The Cyber Revolution

It will be a while until we really understand what fundamental changes have been created by this extraordinary chapter in all of our lives. What is for sure is that we have an anxious generation of teenagers and young people who have had more time than ever before to be introspective, to turn their mole…
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