There are some things that every experienced teacher knows; wind drives the kids wild and the full moon + wind = chaos of biblical proportion. Of course I am being a little histrionic, but there is definitely something that happens when the moon reaches its full cycle. The Latin word for moon is ‘luna’ and this then formed the word ‘lunatic’, as there was an ancient belief that the full moon drives people insane. Indeed, mythology has it that the full moon changes men into werewolves. As in most myth and legend, there is a universal truth and we brace ourselves every month, especially during the dark winter months, for the period of the full moon.

This period seems to have a particularly profound effect on students in the full flush of puberty, who turn from mild mannered, polite and good humoured, to wild things, careering around the yard and corridors as if their control settings have malfunctioned. We have fights, tears and uncontrollable angst and this is only amongst the long-suffering staff who are trying to tame the tempest. It is trying and as the longest half term of the year draws to a close, enough to turn my already greying locks to a shock of silver. Next week, when the wind subsides and the moon wanes, we will regain normal service, waiting once again for the monthly howls to ring out.