Miss Collins our Drama teacher has had the exam board’s topic for this year’s  year 11 practical production. The topic is ‘we live and learn’, it is all about celebrating diversity within the local community. You will struggle to find a more diverse local community than the one we have at Moor Park. Our students come from a broad range of backgrounds and religions and our staff are also representative of our local community; they are in fact even more diverse than our student body, as there is a generational and age divide also. Diversity is not a word we use, we just use the term Moor Park. It is only when we stop to think about it that the kaleidoscopic nature of our school comes into full view.

It has always seemed to me that the concept of diversity is only really discussed by those individuals or organisations that by their very exclusivity or selectivity struggle to be diverse, or pigeonhole diversity to ethnicity or gender. The non-selective, secular nature of our school makes ‘diversity’ not a concept or ideal but a lived reality, one that replaces the word with a simpler concept ‘humanity’. When we stop seeing separation and instead see humans, in all their complexity and imperfection , then we replace another much used term ‘tolerance’ with a more noble idea ‘acceptance’. It will be interesting to see what our drama students make of this year’s topic; what is for sure is that they will have plenty of material to work with.