Remote Learning

Curriculum delivery during the pandemic

Moor Park High School and Sixth Form remained committed to offering a broad, rich and academic curriculum throughout the pandemic. All Students continued followed their normal school timetable and daily remote lessons were delivered to all students through Microsoft Teams. Lessons consisted of a mixture of live lessons and assignments set by the individual class teacher.

Students are provided with personal copies of textbooks at the start of each academic year. These resources ensured all students had access to the most relevant and high-quality materials whilst studying at home during the pandemic. Additionally, chrome books and personal resources were provided to all students who required them.

Year 10 students were offered face to face lessons, delivered in school during the final half term. These lessons allowed students to consolidate the learning that had taken place remotely. Government Guidelines regarding social distance were adhered to.

Children whose parents were classified as key workers and children from vulnerable households were taught in school throughout the Spring and Summer terms.

The re-opening of Moor Park High School and Sixth Form: September 2020

Moor Park High School and Sixth form remain committed to offering an entitlement curriculum for all. We continue to offer a broad, rich and academic curriculum; we have not narrowed the curriculum and there have been no changes made to time allocation in light of the pandemic.

The curriculum has been designed to empower students to continue progressing towards their long term, pre-pandemic, aspirations. In order to help students address gaps in knowledge, skills and confidence as learners, we have therefore:

  • Used formative assessment in the classroom so class teachers understand where students are in their learning.
  • Provided faculties with time to redesign aspects of their long-term plans in order to ensure students have time to address any gaps in knowledge that may be a barrier to future learning.
  • Provided generous curriculum funding for faculties to ensure that all students have personal copies of textbooks relevant to their year group. These will be used alongside homework tasks to address any gaps in knowledge.
  • Kept students in the same tutor and class groups in order to provide the students with stability and help re-establish friendships.
  • Ensured that, where possible, all students have retained the same class teachers from last year. This means that students are with staff who know their level of working pre-Covid and teachers can provide the most appropriate and personalised work to address any gaps in learning.
  • Redesigned the core PE curriculum to help students improve their communication skills and support them in re-establishing or creating new friendships with their peers.
  • Redesigned the Personal Development Curriculum to ensure there is a clear focus on good positive mental health and resilience. All staff in school have received training on trauma prior to the school reopening in September.
  • Completed PASS (Pupil Attitudes to Self and School) assessments with all students. Results are compared to pre lockdown data and used to inform personalised future work where required. *
  • Completed CATS (Cognitive Abilities Tests) with all Year 7 students. This is used alongside primary school information to help inform future work with the year group and individual students. The results also allow the school to track the year group using FTT, ensuring all students are pushed to reach their full academic potential during their 7 years with us. *

Catch up funding, provided by the government, is being used to support work with identified students across all year groups. Targeted programmes will be delivered to individuals and small groups of students. These programmes will address needs identified through the strategies listed above. We have a councillor, Psychotherapist and primary trained literacy & numeracy specialist on site who provide specialist support to students.


If a child is unable to attend school for a long-term period of time, the school will ensure that the student is provided with work each day they are absent. This work will be set using Microsoft Teams and students should ensure they have their personal textbooks to hand as these will be referred to by the class teacher.

Any student who is without ICT provisions during this time will be provided with a chromebook. Parents can contact school directly on 01772 795428 to request this.

Please click the button below for further details regarding our remote education provision in the event of school closure or a child unable to attend school.

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