Virtual Careers Week

Year 7- 10 Catch Up Meetings and Virtual Careers Week:

Week Commencing 6th July

Why are we running catch up meetings?

To provide the opportunity for a 1-1 catch up with all pupils before the summer break, to complete a welfare check, discuss work completed and to raise or flag any issues or concerns arising.

Why are we running a virtual careers week?

As a school, we have a duty to ensure that our pupils are prepared for their next steps and that each year, they have access to a range of careers-related learning. Years 7 and 8 had careers events planned for July, which they have now missed out on and Year 10 have not been able to complete their work experience, so we wanted to ensure that all students have access to some kind of careers learning before the end of term.

How will the week work?  

Catch-up meetings will take place across the week: Meetings will be on Monday or Tuesday for Years 7 and 8 and Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for Years 9 and 10.

The week before the meeting (week commencing 29th June), your child will receive an invite via Microsoft Teams from the teacher who will be running the meeting which will have the specific date and time of your child’s meeting. We have tried to ensure that this will be either your child’s form tutor or one of their subject teachers, but this may not always be the case.

For Years 7-9, instead of normal lessons, work will be set centrally on Microsoft Teams for the whole week. This means that their normal subject lessons will not be running that week. Instead they will have work to complete on the topics listed below.

For Year 10: To ensure we do not miss out on curriculum time, Year 10 will complete lessons for their options subjects on Monday and Tuesday and will start their careers learning on the Wednesday of that week.

Please note that for Year 10, this work is in addition to the timetabled lessons in school.

How can I help prepare my child for the week?  

Please ensure that you read the parent guide, which you can access HERE and support your child to complete the work set.

If you are able to, please also attend the virtual meeting on Teams with your child, so you can be involved with the conversation about the work they have been doing from home and how we can best support your child.

Day KS3 Y10
Monday ·   Communication

·   Teamwork

Options Lessons: RE, History and Geography
Tuesday ·  Organisation

·  Problem Solving

Options Lessons: Options A & B
Wednesday ·  Confidence

·  Money Management

·   Introduction to My Week of Work

·   Investigate the Sectors

·   Insight into the World of Work

Thursday ·  Resilience

·  Initiative

·   Work/Life Balance

·   Mental Health and Wellbeing

·   Work Skills

Friday ·  Put it into Practice

·  Pupil Feedback and Reflection

·   Meet the Boss: Leadership

·   CV Creation

·   Pupil Feedback and Reflection

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