On the week where England has entered a second lockdown and an acrimonious American election has occurred, children have returned once more to school at Moor Park. It is clear that we are all living through a remarkable time in history and it certainly feels like each week unveils a new unthinkable reality to us. Of course, everyone has an opinion and it will not be clear who is right or wrong until the history of this time is written, sometime in the future. The impact of these major national and global events will not just be on those living now, but on those that follow, and crucially our young people who will step out of this uncertainty into a much-changed world. I am relieved therefore that the government has agreed to keep schools open.

The rebuilding process that will follow the pandemic and the various political and social earthquakes that have shaped the last four years, will require our young people to have the skills and knowledge to be able to understand and shape the world around them. Let’s hope that we can keep schools open, so the work to shape and rebuild the future can be done by those who will inherit this history.