Opening a school fully during a pandemic is not easy, we have taken extraordinary precautions in order to make the school as safe as possible whilst still offering the excellent teaching and support that is so important to our community. Over the last two weeks we have been dealing in the older year groups with a number of cases of Covid 19 amongst the student body, this has meant that we have had to self-isolate individual students and whole year groups at a time. The theme that is coming out of our investigations is community transmission. The problem we are facing is that whilst we can largely control the variables within school, we have no control over what goes on in the local community.

If we are to keep the school open and keep young people learning then the responsibility falls on all of us to follow the government’s advice to the letter. This is what we have been doing at school and it has meant we have suffered far less than many other secondary schools in the north west. If your child shows Covid 19 symptoms or has tested positive it is essential that you tell us and the whole family self isolates. If we have asked your child to self-isolate it is essential that they complete the period of time at home. No one likes these restrictions but if we are to get back to consistent schooling then your full cooperation is needed. Thank you all for your support, I remain prouder than ever to serve this community.